March 23, 2013

Wristwarmers "Sildre"

When I saw these mittens at Thorhild's blog Cloudberry Knit, I knew instantly that I wanted to knit them.  Thorhild was so nice to tell me where she had bought the pattern - and so did I.

In the middle section of the mittens, I used a slightly different stitch, but the rest was knitted following the pattern. I used a 4ply sock yarn which resulted in relatively thick mitts; so I will knit them again with maybe a 3ply sock yarn.

Apart from this, I am very pleased with the result. I  l o v e  to knit and "invent" mittens and wristwarmers! Next thing I have in mind is to knit some wristwarmers with pearls...As the weather is still very bad and we feel like winter instead of spring, wristwarmers are very welcome. And as they are such a charming accessoire, I think about doing some in cotton which then can be used during the other seasons as well.

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