December 07, 2008

Perchtnlauf - "Perchtn"-run

To get an idea of what I'm writing about, you can go here.

This is an ancient tradition in Bavaria and many Alpine regions: young men (nowadays women, too) dress up as scary, creepy monsters with heavy, wooden masks. They are called "Perchtn" or "Perchten" and go from house to house, from farm to farm. They dance old dances, tell stories and sayings while they go and make an unbelievable noise with their drums, rattles and (cow) bells. This should chase away evil spirits from house and home. Every mask symbolizes a different character: the main is the "Percht" or "Berchta" who goes from house to house with her huge crowd of other characters. This happenes during the months of December and January

The "Percht" is - according to ethnic study reseachers -a pagan goddess, related to an unknown celtic goddess, maybe related to the famous "Frau Holle" ("Mother Hulda ).
The Percht punishes laziness but rewards dilligence and helpfulness. She expects that housework is at standstill between the 23rd of December and the 6th of January...


  1. Lovely photos on your blog. I followed Mai-Britt Axelsen's link to your blog and have enjoyed it very much. Do you live in Bavaria? We visited there in November for the first time (our first Europen trip from the US) and enjoyed it very much...Wurzburg, Munich, Schweinfurt. It's lovely!

  2. Ui, dass sieht ja gruselig aus. Schön, dass man Traditionen wahrt. Ein Dankeschön für den Eintrag in meinen Blog. Wegen dem Stricken, schau mal hier rein:

    Hier findest Du auch Erklärungen für das Stricken einer Norwegerjacke (Aufschneiden, usw.)
    Norwegergarn von Sandnes erhält man hier.

    LG Amelie

  3. Auf die Frage, wegen dem Garn für Norweger. Ich nehme "Smart". Aber falls Du von Garnstudio stricken willst, es wird das passende Garn auch im "netgarn" geführt.

  4. Noch eine Tipp, was die Wolle für Norweger betrifft: Die Garn vom "Garnstudio" kannst Du bei
    Schau mal diesen Pullunder an! Hier findest Du Muster:

    Und in der Wollwerkstatt kannst Du das Garn bekommen.

    Nur mal so schnell nebenbei dran gedacht.....